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Animal Mentors

Life Lessons from a Little Red Cardinal

A watchful CardinalGuard sings his most menacing song from the tree above our campsite.

Last month marked my second trek to Garner State Park in west Texas. Our first visit was last July, when it was sunny, warm and packed with fellow campers.

But this was February, and the park was nearly empty. We arrived after hours and navigated through the park in the cold, chilly darkness until we found our very same campsite from...
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Good News

When Your Soul Feels Lonely

Do these shells ever feel lonely, even when pressed so close to one another? I do not know. But I think that, maybe, , they do.

This world can be a lonely place for a soul.

For the body, there is so much to see and do and feel and taste and experience - and it is all right here at our fingertips. The body can easily stay so busy, and so sensorily-fulfilled, it doesn't...
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Animal Mentors

Falling in Love with Trees

This amazing hundreds of years-old oak tree sustained a severe injury - a lightening bolt split it nearly in two. It couldn't move away, so it found another way to cope, and survive. I can't even find words to describe courage like that.

I have always loved green growing I'm fairly certain the feelings haven't always been mutual.

Although lately, I am no longer sure that what I've been feeling is actually love. Reason...
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Love or Attachment: Which Is It?

My parrot, Pearl, is very fond of fond. The moment a fresh sprig is presented, he leaps on it and starts chomping until all that remains is the dried-out stalk. I think it is safe to say this is an example of "attachment" rather than love!

"Is it attachment or is it love?"

To me, this is one of those deceptively easy questions - the ones we automatically think we know the answer...
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