Hello Mid Life Crisis

The other day I woke up into a sea of anxiety yet again. But this time, instead of just thinking, “oh look, there’s more anxiety,” I had a surprising thought:…

When the Structure Changes: How Mentoring Evolves as We Evolve

Well, the strange structure that I wrote about in Mentoring as a Structure and Theme for Recovery is not gone – but it certainly is changing right before our eyes!

“Strange Structure”, August

Here is what it looked like two weeks ago when I first asked you what the heck you thought it was. Guesses included “shower”, “closet”, “outhouse” (that was mine), and “greenhouse”, among others.

“Strange Structure”, September

I returned home just a day or so ago after having been gone for a couple of weeks recuperating from some surgery I had.

So imagine my surprise when I casually wandered out onto my deck (having totally forgotten that the strange structure was even there!) to behold this: