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Is Your Best Leading to Burnout?

I recently came across a quote on Instagram that resonated with me: "Friendly reminder that 'doing your best' does not mean working yourself to the point of a mental breakdown." It resonated with me because often that's exactly what I do. Because if I have more to give, I think I must give it. I must give it everything I have. Everything. It's as though I'm a well, and I must empty myself of...
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Tips for Taking Out Your Mental Trash

My parrot, Pearl, doesn't have the same type of mental wrangles that his mommy does. When he looks into his mind, he likes what he sees!

My relationship with my own mind has never been an easy one.

Conditions can get toxic in there in no time flat.

As I wrestle with my mind moment by moment, I lose precious time and and energy I need to be doing other things.

I am aware of...
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