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Meditation Nightmare!

Why God, why?! I have spent months working on meditation, which takes the form of sitting in the steam room at my gym after I work out, and doing the rosary in my mind.  And, for the most part, I am good and blocking...
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Spiritual Practices and Rituals

Power of Prayer

Prayers are a special time when we let go, submit ourselves to our faith and bow down in worship (literally and figuratively). In these acts of submission and calmness, our emotions are set free and the power of prayer impacts us. Prayer is a...
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Child Anxiety

A Mindful Minute: A Dose of Loving-Kindness to Reduce Stress (And Much More)

What is it?

Loving-kindness is a meditation focused on nurturing compassion, kindness, goodwill, and love for oneself and others. While the loving-kindness meditation or LKM originates in Buddhist traditions, it's now practiced widely across cultures and is the focus of extensive research by social scientists.

Why is it good?

LKM has the remarkable ability to improve well-being by changing the brain, heart, and one's perspective on life. Check out some of these unbelievable findings:

Research shows LKM improves...
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