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Bipolar Laid Bare

Insomnia and Bipolar Disorder

People with bipolar disorder often have problems with sleeping. During manic phases, some people will go without sleep for days without feeling tired. During depression people may also suffer from insomnia. Those with bipolar disorder may have problems sleeping between episodes as well. Even medications for bipolar disorder may cause sleep problems. The body needs a regular amount of sleep in order to function properly and suffering from insomnia can have a huge effect...
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Mental Health

My Warning Signs That I Am Going Manic

  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

I found that almost nobody wants to go into a psychiatric hospital. The rare exceptions are the homeless. One time I was in a hospital and somebody from New Orleans was there seeking refuge from hurricane Katrina. He only stayed several days as his problem wasn't a psychiatric condition but rather a social condition of homelessness.
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Forensic Mental Health Hope

A beautiful and moving video featuring the spoken word poem "Matt" performed by Andre Fenton, about a forensic mental health success story. Filmographer Steaphanie Young added great imagery as well.

The video was produced by Principal Investigator Dr Jamie Livingston...
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Perfectionism, Anxiety & Bipolar Disorder

In some ways, perfectionism can be helpful. People who are perfectionists tend to produce high-quality work. They are typically on time or early and are always willing to go the extra mile. Perfectionists like learning something new to try over and over again until there are no mistakes. They can be highly successful people that consistently outperform their peers. However, there are downsides to perfectionism. A new study
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