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Career Strategy

Writers’ Mindset: Write For The Gatekeepers

I worked as a story analyst, aka “reader”, or “gatekeeper” for a studio after attending film school.  Fortunately, they offered a course there in how to write coverage at USC.  So while trying to break into the business, I was able to earn rent money in my chosen field.

Story analysis is not an easy job.  It teaches you to read and evaluate a screenplay quickly.  You don’t have time to pore over the material and really...
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The Awakenings Project – Art From The Mentally Ill

Empowering Healing Through Art-

As a poet and writer I am grateful for every magazine or outlet that has ever published my work. It is a truly an honor when somebody says to you, 'your work is good enough for us' and proves that statement by publishing it. As such I am always looking to pay back kindness with kindness. So please allow me to introduce to you "The Awakenings Project".

Awakenings Project Mission Statement

"The Awakenings Project is...
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