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The Light Of The World

"Actions speak louder than words" 

My Sunday blogs are preachy and they are done that way by design. Let's face it we can all improve ourselves and a little injection of righteousness into our psyches really isn't going to harm anybody. We as human beings need to be constantly reminded of nobler aspirations, after all the world reminds you daily of carnal desires. Every time  you look at the cover of a Vogue Magazine with an anorexic...
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What Happens When We Die

If you, like me, enjoy hearing what other people think happens when we die (but prefer not to have to ask them this question yourself) this may be a good film choice.

I don't know (just in case you were wondering).

In fact, I have no idea what happens.

However, intriguingly, I am not in as large of a majority here as I once thought.

As this is my 46th year of life, certainly it crosses...
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