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Child Anxiety

11 Superpowers of an Introverted Child

There are several myths about kids who are introverts:

They are nervous
They don’t like other people
They don’t want to be social
They are basically shy people

If you're an introvert, you are not anti-social, you just react to your environment differently than some kids. You are certainly not shy; in reality, there is a notable difference between introversion and shyness. Shyness manifests when you’re scared of being judged negatively. An introvert is...
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Child Anxiety

11 Superpowers of Highly Sensitive Children

So you’re a highly sensitive child—you’re affected by loud noises, you don’t love crowded places, you’re more likely to notice different scents, and you might even have very particular eating tendencies. You process information and your environment, including sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste more deeply than others. While it’s true that your nervous system is on high alert - and sometimes the world can feel too big, too loud, too mean, or...
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