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5 Tips to Inspire Your Story Ideas

Ideas are everywhere. But sometimes, it can feel like our brains are blank, and we've got absolutely nothing. Sometimes, we're too burnt out to come up with any idea, let alone a good one. We're simply too tired. Or we have a tendency to set sky-high expectations and criticize ourselves the entire time.

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ADHD Symptoms

When Increased Self-Awareness Heals and When it Doesn’t

Self-awareness is touted as a powerful self-healer. Yet, many people fail to heal by being aware of themselves and their problems, even when the increased awareness is significant. Millions are self-aware and continue to suffer.

Does this mean increased self-awareness is a waste of time? No.

It means that in order to heal yourself with greater self-awareness, you need to become aware of the right stuff. What is the right stuff? That's what this article...
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