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Animal Mentors

Why I’m Not a “Real” Vegan

Malti and Pearl, just two of the interspecies loves I share my life with!

I'll just say it - I have a sensitive digestion.

I can't tell you how many articles I've read about how much gas is normal for a human body to produce. And, frankly, I've yet to meet a doctor who isn't impressed by the sheer number of digestive supplements in my medicine cabinet.

Probiotics. Enzymes. HCL with Pepsin. Flax seed capsules....
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Movie Mentoring

Breaking Free from Competition into Cooperation

Three of the many lovely green growing things I welcomed to my little casa recently. I am hoping we can work out a lovely cooperative arrangement that benefits all!

A couple weeks ago I watched a wonderful documentary called In Search of Balance.

I chose it because the film addressed chronic illness (and if you've been following along here for at least a few weeks, you know my interest in this topic...
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