Mentoring Lessons in Incremental Happiness

A close friend of mine and I drove to Mississippi a few weeks ago to attend her brother’s wedding.

I was delighted to go, chomping at the bit for an exciting road trip across southeast Texas.

I’ve been entranced with the concept of road trips in general ever since my first solo excursion from Texas to South Carolina just about two years ago. I’m not even sure what excited me more – that I could actually drive 10 hours without falling asleep at the wheel, or that I didn’t end up somewhere out in Arizona instead.

Whoever installed my sense of direction put it in backwards.

And I have to say, I have often felt that way about lots of other areas of my life as well. For instance, for years I have marveled at the sheer oddity of witnessing myself, time and again, look forward to or anticipate an event, only to watch it come and go and realize the idea of it was more fun than the actual happening itself.

Kind of like when the previews make the movie look so much better than it is. Only this time the previews were all in my mind. Literally.