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Animals and Birds

Best Work Resume (or CV) for a Witch

My last column was originally called What Happens When You Ignore Bad Feelings? That might have been good for Halloween, right? But I chickened out and called it How to Stay in Your Happy Place. It's about an actress I know, who just got a great gig, but also lost a great

In reference to today's cartoon, have you ever noticed a separation between people who love animals and those who could care less? Can we just call them introverts and extroverts, or...
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7 Ways Halloween May Negatively Affect Trauma Victims

What do you like (or not like) about Halloween? For me, I have firm feelings that most likely will never change. On one hand I can understand the interest and amusement inherent in deviating from the natural, monotonous, and boring daily lives most of us feel we live sometimes. I also understand the joy inherent in watching children dress up, get candy, and enjoy the thrills of fantasy. But what  I don't like about...
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