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Love or Attachment: Which Is It?

My parrot, Pearl, is very fond of fond. The moment a fresh sprig is presented, he leaps on it and starts chomping until all that remains is the dried-out stalk. I think it is safe to say this is an example of "attachment" rather than love!

"Is it attachment or is it love?"

To me, this is one of those deceptively easy questions - the ones we automatically think we know the answer...
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13 Things Never To Say To Trauma Survivors

Photo Credit: Matus Laslofl

Do you or someone you know struggle with memories, flashbacks, depressed mood, anxiousness, fear, regret, guilt, or other negative emotions stemming from a history of trauma? If so, this article is for you. As I have stated multiple times in previous articles on trauma, most people not only struggle with understanding what trauma is and how to treat it, but also how to relate to those struggling...
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