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Too Loyal Too Long: Abusive Partners, Trump Voters and Tricks of the Mind

We have heard a lot in the news lately about people, mostly women, who have been harassed, betrayed, abused and battered.  We have heard a lot of the obvious reasons why it has always been difficult for spouses and women generally to say "enough is enough."

We have also heard a lot about the amazing loyalty of Trump voters, many of whom are zealous in their support of a person and a set of beliefs that ...
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Mental Disorders

Narcissism in the Boardroom and the Bedroom

People in the throes of a relationship with a narcissist may have difficulty labeling and understanding the experience.  The subtle invalidation of emotions, the continued challenges to perceptions, the covert undermining of thoughts can all contribute to a toxic erosion of self-knowledge and self-worth. ...
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Things Abusers and Manipulators Say to Their Victims

People who have strong narcissistic tendencies and other toxic people are known for their manipulation tactics. Some of them are consciously cunning and deceiving. While others are more primitive and blunt in their disturbing behaviors.
Whatever the case may be, such people tend to project heavily, not take responsibility for their actions, blame others, and use gaslighting.
Here are some of the things abusers and toxic people say to...
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childhood trauma

Gaslighting: What It Is and Why It’s So Destructive

Gaslight (1944). Ingrid Bergman being gaslighted.

Many of us have probably heard of gaslighting. In this article, we will explore what is behind this concept and why it is so destructive, disturbing, and toxic.
Origins and definition
Gaslighting is a term used in psychology and common speech that refers to manipulation whose purpose is to create doubt in a person or a group of people. It includes but is not limited to denial, lying, deflection,...
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