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Today I Love Dry Driveways

There's a brilliant sky up there ...

Today I love dry driveways and the fact that I was able to walk out to the car to load it up ... IN MY SLIPPERS!!! Ha. I love how the world changes every day, sometimes so subtly that you have to be a really diligent detective to see the differences, and sometimes so grandly that you have to be a really diligent detective...
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How to Know When Saying Goodbye Is Saying I Love You

A certain avian family member lets his mama know his neck feathers itch and need scratching, like, right away!

Have you ever come home from an all-around sucky day, only to open your email inbox and realize the suck is just getting started?

This happened to me the other day.

I arrived home, sweating, starving and grumpy, anticipating a soothing shower and a quiet evening of scratching itchy avian neck feathers while...
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