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Why I Love the Phrase “Be Brave”

My box turtle, Bruce (right), being brave enough to approach Malti, my redfoot has a little crush on her!

In my last post here, I shared my somewhat grumpy thoughts about the phrase "be fearless."

But that was the last post. And today in my 30-day yoga journey (which is sort of like a 45-day or 60-day journey by now) our teacher, Adrienne, chose the theme of "be brave."

And I...
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Does Anyone Else Have Trouble With the Phrase “Be Fearless?”

My business partner (with feathers) attending the Insta-webinar with his mommy.

Am I the only one who struggles every. single. time. I hear, read or, well, write, the phrase "be fearless?"

I aspire to it. I admire it. I envy it. And I think it is a catastrophic liar.

After all, if I was ever actually totally fearless, that would put my (highly job-attached and perfectionistic) fight-or-flight syndrome out of business.

If I ever actually managed...
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