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No Signs? 9 Reasons We Miss The Psychology of Mass Murderers

Did you know that severe/untreated mental illness accounts for between 5% and 15% of community violence, according to the Treatment Advocacy Center?

Did you know that prisons across the nation are filled with those who have severe mental illnesses?

It's a fact that severe and untreated mental illness can result in criminal behavior. We cannot, for fear of stigma, minimize this. We do NEED to ensure we provide clear and correct facts.

In this article, I...
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Dear Narcissist, Stop, You’re on the Wrong Track!

This post consists of a letter from this therapist, which is addressed to those that meet the criteria for narcissistic or antisocial personality disorders, NPD or APD respectively. Ideally, an NPD or APD would read this message, and to some degree, embrace and seek professional help to change the serious patterns of abuse they intentionally use to traumatize others for their own gain.

In reality, persons with these disorders are not likely to...
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Chronic Anxiety

Judge a Little, Then Let It Go

There is a five-year-old named Kara in my life who makes incredibly astute observations about how the world judges people. She recently watched a G-rated reality family program on YouTube and decided to make her own version about building a Minecraft world. An entrepreneur...
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What Is Anxiety?


Last week we talked about fear. This week, we turn to anxiety. But what is anxiety?

Anxiety has often been conceptualized as a “diffuse” and “objectless apprehension,”1 the kind of apprehension that people experience when they feel something bad is about to happen but are uncertain...
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What Is Fear?

In my introduction to the blog, I noted that I planned to talk about the physiology of fear in this week’s entry.
So what is fear? Fear, simply put, is a “reaction to a specific, observable danger.”1

Imagine that you are at work, sitting at your...
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Addictive Relating

Stonewalling, What Makes It Similar Yet Distinct From Gaslighting? 1 of 2

Stonewalling shares some common ground with gaslighting.

Both are effective in blocking healthy communication, in particular, the sense of emotional safety and connection necessary that each person in the communication needs to deepen their mutual understanding of one another, in order to strengthen their relationship.

It's in their intent that they distinctly differ. Stonewalling is a learned defensive or protective strategy. In general, the person who stonewalls is using a learned albeit ineffective way of expressing intense emotions to a loved one, which...
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