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If You’re Alone on Thanksgiving

A lot of people will be alone this Thanksgiving, either by choice or by a trick of fate. Just know that you're not alone in your aloneness. A lot of us are alone this Thanksgiving. And Christmas too, bah humbug.

Let me tell you a little story that has helped me cope with being friendless, more or less, for most of my life.

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The Community of Single People: New Data on Who We Are and What We Talk About

In July of 2015, I started a Facebook group, the Community of Single People (CoSP), for people who want to share experiences and discuss every aspect of single life except dating or attempting to escape single life. We are people who want to live our single lives fully, joyfully, and unapologetically. (You can read more about the Community, and how it developed over time, here.)

The number of CoSP members surpassed 2,000 a few months ago. Thanks to the Facebook feature, “Group Insights,”...
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How Can We Honor Narcissistic Parents???

In the first article, Honoring Narcissistic Parents!?!, we discussed exactly what honor means and, more importantly, what it does not mean ( obeying them blindly.) Please read it before diving into this article; it sets the foundation.

In this article, we'll figure out exactly how we can still honor narcissistic parents without compromising our mental health nor breaking "No Contact."
What Others Are Saying
When I mentioned the topic of "honoring parents" on Facebook, many of my children-of-narcissists friends instantly expressed interest. It's a...
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Your Kids Will Remember Someday, So Don’t Worry When They Resist Your Valiant Parenting

Pleasant surprise yesterday as my 27-year-old daughter posted to Facebook. Here's what she wrote (unedited): Growing up, I remember my dad going through a time that he pointed it out every time we were blaming each other, make us refocus the attention to ourselves, & start over.

At the time it was super annoying, I was probably 8 & I just wanted to argue & blame my brother (after all it was HIS FAULT) all...
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Animals and Birds

Best Work Resume (or CV) for a Witch

My last column was originally called What Happens When You Ignore Bad Feelings? That might have been good for Halloween, right? But I chickened out and called it How to Stay in Your Happy Place. It's about an actress I know, who just got a great gig, but also lost a great

In reference to today's cartoon, have you ever noticed a separation between people who love animals and those who could care less? Can we just call them introverts and extroverts, or...
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