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Don’t Let People Off the Hook Under These Five Circumstances

There is a case for letting people get away with things.

Sometimes it’s not important. Maybe it’s genuinely not worth the hassle to you — to confront them and deal with the ensuing hassle. Perhaps you just don’t care enough about the relationship to deal with it.

This post is not about that case.

Here we’re going to take a surface dive into why you should NOT let someone off the hook. There are reasons to require people...
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What’s your Least Favorite Emotion and Why Do you Indulge in it so Much?

There are assumptions in the above question, yep. Yet, if you’re reading this post, something about those assumptions intrigued you, so go with it for a minute or two.

My least favorite emotion is shame. Shame that says, “You’re not as good as other people. You don’t measure up to their standards. You’re defective. You should run and hide because you don’t fit in.”

I indulge in shame less and less over the years, but the key word is indulge. Indulge in an emotion like...
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ADHD Symptoms

What if You Realized Part of You Wants to Be Hurt, Suffer, and Ruin Your Day?

Forget whether or not it’s objectively true. Just try this little experiment and see what happens.

For whatever reason, settle into the mindset that part of you is motivated toward pain. This, of course, is masochism. Probably emotional masochism.

If you can get your mind around that, then pay attention during your day to the following:

• Decisions around people, activities, food, and drink

• How you talk to yourself (every sound in your head is your own)

• How often you...
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Labeling your Brokenness – A Good Thing?

Yes, in my opinion. But be careful what the label means to you.

I’m watching a TV series in which people are in the habit of calling their problems and pain “damage.” If you’re familiar with the series, please forget all about it just focus on labeling the wounded, broken, or dysfunctional aspects of yourself.

Is that a good thing? Yes, and it may be necessary.

The purpose of any label is to direct attention. Your name is...
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Thoughts on Brainwashing Yourself into a Healthy Lifestyle

What if we all considered ourselves brainwashed? Not like victims of a cult whose leaders seek power, but like people who did not necessarily choose their beliefs.

After all, we live by our beliefs, which we inherited from brainwashed family, friends, and society. Right? We’re born as blank slates, as hardware with only basic software installed in the form of instincts and drives.

If you’re into how beliefs work, there may be no greater teacher than Professor Jordan...
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