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Overcoming Perfectionism

How Women Can Overcome People-Pleasing and Perfectionism

Why are women susceptible to people-pleasing and perfectionism?
While people-pleasing and perfectionism aren't exclusively women's issues, women are socialized in many cultures to be caretakers, put other people's needs before their own, and be passive.

They worry about what other people think of them; they don't want to displease or be seen as "difficult" or "high maintenance." So, they say "yes" and don't make any waves.

American women continue...
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Self Worth

20 Journaling Prompts to Help You Know and Accept Yourself

Journaling is one of my favorite therapeutic interventions. There’s something almost magical about putting pen to paper and seeing what emerges.

Writing takes all of the things that are jumbled around in your head and brings them to awareness. Journaling can help clarify your thoughts and feelings. The paper also provides a “holding space” for your fears, worries and hurts, allowing you to come back to them...
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