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Caring for Your Four Kinds of Needs

We have all kinds of needs. Our main needs are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual---and it's important to care for all of them. The best way to do that is to explore and examine. It's to get curious. It's to constantly ask ourselves questions. Big questions like What soothes my soul? and basic questions like Am I thirsty right now?

Because, as Janet Conner beautifully writes in her book Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen...
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Guest Posts

The Power of Practicing Fierce Self-Care—And How to Start

Today, I'm honored to share a guest post by Nancy G. Shapiro, the author of The Book of Calm: Clarity, Compassion and Choice in a Turbulent World. In it, she delves into the practice of "fierce" self-care: what it means (a definition I absolutely love!); why it's so important; and where you can start.

Why Fierce?

The practice of fierce self-care requires each of us to become the protector of our own well-being. As I’ve learned to...
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