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Addictive Relating

20 Indicators for Co-dependency or Co-addiction

Co-dependency is a way of relating to self and others in which a person experiences little or no sense of self in relation to key persons in their  life.

Rarely the primary focus, codependency issues are often identified in connection to the treatment of a family member with an addiction. A person in a significant relationship with someone addicted to a substance or activity is at risk of developing a set of behaviors (also an addictive pattern)...
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Emotional Mastery

Why Free Your Subconscious of “Limiting Beliefs”? (To Thrive, Not Just Survive!)

If you resist your own efforts to change a habit, it speaks to the quality of rapport between your mind and body. Simply put, they’re not in synch.

What can disturb this special relationship, essentially, between the conscious logic part of your mind and the subconscious felt-emotion part? In a word, fear.

More specifically, limiting beliefs can activate the body's fear response unnecessarily. Your survival is not at stake, for example, when you discuss a sensitive issue with...
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