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How High Achievers Can Build Stronger Relationships by Setting Boundaries and Embracing Imperfection

I’m surrounded by high-achievers. I live in Silicon Valley and it seems like everyone’s just launched a start-up company, bought a new Tesla, or their kid got into an Ivy League college. All this achieving is great – it drives innovation, solves problems, and fuels our economy – but it can also take a toll on individuals and their relationships.

I encounter people every day...
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Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Be Yourself: 3 Keys to Recovering from Codependency

"I’m so busy being a wife, mother, daughter, and nurse that I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m always taking care of others and trying to keep them happy. I’m not even sure what I like, believe, and value."

"I’m really self-critical. It’s hard for me to accept compliments. I dwell on my mistakes and imperfections."

"I don’t know how to show my family, my friends, or the rest of...
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Overcoming Perfectionism

3 Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism and Accepting Yourself

We live in a culture of perfectionism. Open any women’s magazine or watch any TV program and you can’t escape the emphasis we put on looking, behaving, and achieving perfectly.

We’re an intolerant bunch that is quick to judge – ourselves and others – and notice when we don’t measure up to the unspoken measuring sticks of beauty, success, talent, and intellect.

We put the emphasis on doing rather than...
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