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The Winner for Most Annoying Person in the World

Your spouse. Lifelong mates are the most annoying people in life, according to research.

But don't despair. If your spouse annoys you, that could be a good sign for your relationship, according to researchers.

Only on Earth. Only among humans, right? Mutual annoyance in marriage = a good thing. Can it be true?

It does make sense that if you spend a lot of time with someone, they have more potential to bug you. We spend more...
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Career Strategy

Writer’s Mindset : How to get a Recommendation

What does it look like when your script gets recommended at the studio level by a reader? This is the coverage I put together for the Susan Cooper's 1973 Newberry Award-winning novel entitled The Dark Is Rising.

If you've never seen coverage of a script you've written, or any script for that matter, I think it will help to see what you're aiming for.  You want the story analyst who reads your script to give you a...
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