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Alienated Fathers: Don’t you DARE Give Up!

'I had the plan, the place, the rope,' my husband, Rhys, told me. 'I was going to end it all. I'd been a loving father and a good provider. What I didn't realize is that my ex never intended to stay with me nor let me be a father to my children. I was merely a sperm donor to her. When she had the full quota of children, she took them away and sued me for every pound I made. I...
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Kids Used As Weapons by Vindictive Exes

'Your ex wife wants your son dead,' I told my husband, Rhys. 'Terrwyn's* death at his own hand would be you ex's ultimate victory. She's bullying him to death, but will blame it all on you if he succeeds in committing suicide'.

Parental Alienation is wrong. It's evil. But battling exes wielding their children as weapons to wound each other? That's even worse. You know all about it because, if you're reading this article, you've experienced it either as a parent or...
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Relationship Breakdowns Are Under Rated

The exemplary marriages we know of have been earned. These relationships are true partnerships, built on foundations of hard-won trust that accrues over time. The struggles and efforts to reconcile what can often appear to be impossible differences create the groundwork for these marriages....
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Coping Strategies

How to Fix Your Parents in 4 Simple Steps

How can I get my parents to change?

First realize that you can't.  I remember in 1976, when my parents divorced.  I spent the next 15 years trying to wrack my brain for the "why."What a waste of time that was. For one thing, it left me feeling inadequate over and over again.  For another, it wasn't mine to fix.  And finally, there is no why. More like how? But that's for another time. Nowadays my...
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Coping Strategies

Why Cheat?

Stalking your boyfriend or girlfriend gets you what exactly?  When I talk to adolescents and young adults in therapy they often want to show me their texts that they're saving (for what?) as "proof" that their boyfriend or girlfriend has betrayed them. What is gained by this?  Adults also save stalking texts of ex's and etc. presumably for the judge (?) in a divorce case. Sometimes they want to spend the whole session reading it.  That's ok....
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