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Mental Health

My Window To Dementia

Bipolar- My window to dementia

When I first went to the psychiatric hospital over thirty years ago I was not looking for long term benefits to reap from my mental illness. Instead I was looking for a way to come to terms with the traumatic experience. I was fixated on day to day survival and trying to make some sense of the madness. Little did I know that my...
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Sunset Sonnets – A Loving Goodbye

As Love slips away what does one say?

Life is at the heart of the Poet but what place does death hold?

Sunset Sonnets is a book of poetry dedicated to the passing of my beloved wife Sylvia. Sylvia and I are saying the 'long goodbye' as she suffers with dementia and Alzheimer. As a person who suffers from mental illness this added stress is quite a test. To put my feelings down poetically is a great...
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