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Creative Thinking

Connecting to Our Senses

When we connect to our senses, we become alive. We become mesmerized, and everything else melts away. We become immersed and absorbed. It's as though we travel inside whatever we're paying attention to: We travel inside a bowl of made-from-scratch spaghetti, swimming in the fresh garlicky sauce. We travel inside the stars we're staring at. We travel inside the flower we're smelling, inside sweet jasmine or intoxicating gardenia.

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Realizing Your Dream Life after Narcissistic Abuse (Pt 2 of 2)

As I wrote in Part 1, "Our narcissists defined us as a person wrongly and pressed us into a lifestyle that was inauthentic to us. They scoffed at our dreams and mocked/appropriated our creativity. In the end, we crawled into our shells and gave up on living, really living!"

This is our big chance to jettison all of that, step back and design a life that would make us really happy. Maybe even your "dream life"!
This is Your Dream Life!
Grab your journal...
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Bipolar Disorder

Seeing Life Differently: Using Art to Heal with Bipolar Disorder

My mother was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when I was a teenager, and for most of my life, I didn't understand many of the things she said or did. After she passed in 2012, I began my healing journey from trauma, anorexia, and related disorders, and after a couple years, began educating myself about Bipolar, a condition that once terrified me. 

My mother was a tremendous artist, gifted; and although she touched many with her creative talents, she could never come to...
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