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When Two Hearts Are Connected

Linda: We often don’t realize how precariously we are perched in our life. In an instant, our whole existence can change. We may be going along innocently when we get into a car accident or get a phone call telling us that someone dear...
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Why Is Checking In So Important?

Linda: What is it that extraordinarily happy couples are doing? One of the important things that they are doing is checking in. Checking in is taking a brief break from the many competing urgencies of our day to first check inside to see what...
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How To Leave a Relationship

Linda: When the time comes for letting go of a relationship, most people don’t do it very well.

It’s rare for both people to conclude simultaneously that the relationship must end. In most cases, one partner wants to leave and the other wants the relationship...
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Narrating Healing: From No Words To Your Words

“Trauma defies language; it resists being communicated”
Central to healing in the aftermath of a traumatic event is the transformation of trauma’s unspeakable imprint to a story that can be told without reliving it.

Understanding how trauma leaves us without words may make it easier to consider ways that can help unlock the story hidden in visual images, painful feelings, flashbacks, bodily symptoms or silent avoidance. Both are important steps toward finding your words and continuing your story.

What is a Traumatic Event?

A traumatic...
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