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Me or We?

Since the perpetuation of the species is the force that drives the longing for connection, it seems that we’d be wired to get along with each other with ease and pleasure, but for seemingly large numbers of us, that doesn’t seem to be the...
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Are You Holding the “Tension of the Opposites?”

Linda: Loving someone doesn’t mean that we always have warm and wonderful feelings toward them. Love is a stew flavored by a variety of ingredients — sometimes sweetness, spice, bitterness, or saltiness, and sometimes “the works.” Our ever-changing feelings, whether they are pleasurable or...
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Relationship Breakdowns Are Under Rated

The exemplary marriages we know of have been earned. These relationships are true partnerships, built on foundations of hard-won trust that accrues over time. The struggles and efforts to reconcile what can often appear to be impossible differences create the groundwork for these marriages....
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Strategies In Facing Conflict: Conflict Avoiders Take Note!

Even the best of relationships have conflict.

Women have a tendency to be conflict avoiders. Of course there are big (and memorable) exceptions.

You don't want to be either one of these people because, in the long run, neither extremes will be productive for you or the other party.

Womens' passivity in conflict is complicated. We are socialized to be cooperative and to be pleasers. In addition, if we do...
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