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Mental Health

My Window To Dementia

Bipolar- My window to dementia

When I first went to the psychiatric hospital over thirty years ago I was not looking for long term benefits to reap from my mental illness. Instead I was looking for a way to come to terms with the traumatic experience. I was fixated on day to day survival and trying to make some sense of the madness. Little did I know that my...
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Psychopathology of Extreme Masculinity, Mass Shootings, Assault and Rape

Mass shootings may be impossible to predict, however, a cultural milieau that idealizes violence for men (and authority figures in general) as "necessary" for the maintenance of "social order" that keeps those deemed "low" status groups in their place, is one that breeds domestic violence, rape and assault of women, child sexual abuse, bullying -- and mass shootings.

It's called a might-makes-right worldview, and it's a belief system that disorders...
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Life-Changing Moments

Charlie: It doesn't take long to have a life-changing experience. Sometimes a weekend workshop will do it. Sometimes a chance encounter is sufficient. Sometimes a moment can be enough time to create a permanent life change.

Twelve years ago, I (Charlie) had one such experience....
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