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360 of Compassion

Inner Jungle, Inner Peace

Assume that everyone you meet is drunk, afraid and armed.

This is not a formula for paranoia. This is a formula for compassion.

Everyone is drunk with their subjective view of reality. Everyone is afraid (on some level) of being (profoundly) wrong about their view of reality. And everyone is armed with anger.

If you can, now and then, help minds you meet see that there has never been and never will be such thing as objectivity (mind...
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Compassion is Self-Care

Forbidden Knowledge of Forgiveness

Forgiveness requires forbidden knowledge about human nature, an understanding of the hard-to-grasp fact that we are all "motivationally innocent," we all "mean well" from our own point-of-view. This curious truth is the "inside narrative" that is always eclipsed by our own "inside narrative." And each act of forgiveness deepens this paradoxical knowledge until you pre-forgive all that you are yet to witness and suffer from.

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