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Book Review: 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise

Reading 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise can help you get motivated, build self-esteem, and heal your mind and body.
I was recently given a copy of 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise by Christina Hibbert. I was immediately excited to see it’s full of reflection questions, writing prompts, and action items. I’m a real self-help book junkie. I love to learn and improve myself. And...
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Overcoming Perfectionism

There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Parent


As parents, we always try to do the best we can for our kids. We want them to be healthy, happy, successful. We also want to be at our best so we can set a good example. But sometimes our good intentions go sideways. Sometimes our goal of being a great parent turns into trying to be a perfect parent. And our goal of raising great...
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