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Coping Strategies

3 Reasons to Trust Your Gut – Not Your Anxiety

What is the difference between your anxiety telling you something and your intuition telling you something?

Trust your gut, they   In this piece in New York Magazine they say,

What makes self-sabotage so tricky is that it attempts to solve one problem (alleviate your abandonment anxiety) by creating another (making your partner want to leave).  You get so wrapped up in proving your theory, in the “stress and anxiety,”...
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Sexual Infidelity vs. Sexual Addiction

Infidelity vs Addiction: What’s the Difference?

After nearly three decades spent treating cheaters, sex addicts, and their betrayed partners, and writing multiple books on sex addiction, infidelity, and digital-era intimate connections, I seem to now be regarded as something of an expert. As such, I receive online inquiries about these issues daily. Often, a betrayed partner has just learned about his or her partner’s cheating, and wants to know if he or she is dealing with infidelity...
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Coping Strategies

Why Cheat?

Stalking your boyfriend or girlfriend gets you what exactly?  When I talk to adolescents and young adults in therapy they often want to show me their texts that they're saving (for what?) as "proof" that their boyfriend or girlfriend has betrayed them. What is gained by this?  Adults also save stalking texts of ex's and etc. presumably for the judge (?) in a divorce case. Sometimes they want to spend the whole session reading it.  That's ok....
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