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Addiction and Emotional Abuse

“The truth is that the few times he was physical with me were tiny blips on a long timeline of subtle manipulation, public humiliation, controlling behavior and gaslighting.” So writes Leigh Stein of her abusive boyfriend in her Washington Post essay, He Didn’t Hit Me. It Was Still Abuse.

Despite the deeply painful impact of emotional abuse, many people don’t grasp its significance. There are no bruises and broken bones, so does it really “count”?

Our answer: it certainly does. Emotional abuse is real, and...
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What if a Child’s Physical Illness was Treated like a Mental Illness?

Mental, emotional, and behavioral (MEB) disorders in children have hit epidemic levels. In the alone, 1 in 8 children will suffer from an anxiety disorder, and 1 in 5 will experience an episode of depression by the age of eighteen. Although it's true that kids who receive treatments such as therapy can overcome these conditions, the reality is that two-thirds of them will never receive any type of treatment. Most kids suffer in silence and go on to endure a nasty ripple effect...
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