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Why I Can’t Seem to Resist Going Right to the Edge

Here, I use Malti (on the left) like "bait" to see if I can get Bruce (on the right) to stop snoozing his days away.

All my life, I have had a fascination with "edges."

Some of this is likely because I am more than a little claustrophobic, and edges tend to be nearer to open areas, or at least to openings to these areas such as windows and doors, and these larger open...
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Meeting the Big Empty Place Within

I felt very connected to this little snail, which crawled so trustingly right onto a dry leaf I used to "rescue" it from my voracious shells, Malti and Bruce. It didn't know me, didn't realize it was in danger, and didn't ask anything from me. I offered - out of the fullness within.

This is going to sound a little strange, given that I'm just about to turn 47.

But I just discovered there...
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dual diagnosis

Addiction and Eating Disorders

"To lose confidence in one's body is to lose confidence in oneself."

With those words, Simone De Beauvoir identified one of the most devastating aspects of eating disorders: the way in which they undermine one’s sense of self.

Individuals who struggle with eating disorders engage in...
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When Trauma Turns Into Euthanasia

Recently my friend and colleague Jenni Schaefer sent me a link to her story of recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder, aka PTSD.

Jenni and I have known each other for yet until I read her post, I didn't know she had been a victim of rape. I also didn't know she had struggled for many years with PTSD as a result of the rape.

To hear Jenni tell it, for a...
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