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Youth-Oriented Recovery in Practice

A great animated video from the Youth Council of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, about what it means to put recovery principles to practice for youth.

A clever and nicely-produced video, it points out important things to watch for when providing mental health services to youth.

Much food for thought, indeed.

To learn more about recovery-oriented principles for youth, click...
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Coping Strategies

3 Reasons Why Your Appearance Doesn’t Matter

For the last few decades we have heard that the *media* have given us the wrong idea about ourselves.

We should not compare our looks to Brooke Sheilds or America's Top Model. But here we still are. The goal is to sell, sell, sell.  Make-up is Queen.

#metoo, while the most important social movement of this era, has still not gone so far as to say, don't focus on your looks.  Focus...
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Driving While Bipolar

There was a demo of a video car racing game at the mall the other day and I became fascinated by the reactions of the people who were trying it out. I stayed around for a couple of hours and did an informal study of the phenomenon.

I watched almost 100 people drive into walls and other cars and asked 25 of them what they thought was the reason for so many crashes....
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