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Conscious Lifestyle

How Eating & Drinking Nutritionally Smart Positively Affects Emotional Health (And Relationships)

The bottom line is that foods have an immense impact on your emotions, moods and physical health, all of which directly impact your ability to deal with not only challenges, and day to day stressors, but also issues in your relationships.

Findings show that nutrition deficiencies cause biochemical conditions in the brain and body that raise stress to toxic levels, fostering depression and anxiety and other emotional (and physical) disturbances. More specifically, the culprit is chronic inflammation of...
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Emotional Mastery

Why Free Your Subconscious of “Limiting Beliefs”? (To Thrive, Not Just Survive!)

If you resist your own efforts to change a habit, it speaks to the quality of rapport between your mind and body. Simply put, they’re not in synch.

What can disturb this special relationship, essentially, between the conscious logic part of your mind and the subconscious felt-emotion part? In a word, fear.

More specifically, limiting beliefs can activate the body's fear response unnecessarily. Your survival is not at stake, for example, when you discuss a sensitive issue with...
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