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How to Support Your Partner in Addiction Recovery (Without Enabling)


Realizing your partner has a problem with alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, gambling, or any other addiction is a very painful reality. The best case scenario is that your partner also recognizes his/her addiction and seeks help in order to recover.

Unfortunately, recovery doesn’t go in a straight line. Most addicts struggle with denial, relapse, and changing long-standing thinking and behavior patterns. Recovery is a long, hard road for...
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Why Space Between You and Your Ex is Good for Everyone

Clear boundaries with your ex create safe and healthy relationships with everyone involved - you, your kids, your new partner, your ex and your ex's family and friends.
If you are struggling to set boundaries with your ex post-divorce (or break up), chances are you struggled to set boundaries during the relationship as well. Whether you just separated or have been divorced for years, setting clear...
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