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Mental Health

Ugly Like Me! A Blog On MS

When I first heard Jamie Tripp Utitus name for the blog I was quite perplexed. Jamie is a middle aged woman who suffers from MS or Multiple Sclerosis. She is a very nice person and not ugly in any way or fashion. But then...
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Dreaming Big- A Focused Publisher

If you're going to dream you might as well be dreaming big!

Dreaming Big Publications is a small independent publisher which has a focus on publishing books on mental illness. They certainly don't limit themselves to this type but it is their preference. The owner of Dreaming Big, Kristi Morgan, has a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in social work. She is also a very nice person and good to work with!

Here is a...
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Upgrade in Progress

Hi folks!!

It's a beautiful Saturday here in New England, so we decided to spend the day indoors upgrading our blogging platform today (8/28). This will take a few hours, and then we'll be back online with all of your favorite Psych Central blogs and...
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