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Making It Easier to be Mindful During the Holidays

Keepin' it real here, folks. Here's our Hanukkah celebration from a couple of years ago - one kid grumpily lighting candles while the other one has a fit. Good times!

Today is Giving Tuesday, hot on the heels of Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Melt on The Couch Because You’re So Damn Tired Sunday.

Folks, we are officially in the holiday season. Yikes.

By now you’ve...
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Who are you?

Good question, eh?

It's Friday, and I'm busy. Nothing new in that, right?

It's actually Black Friday though and, although I live in Canada and in a part of the country where crazy lineups at Walmart before they open are twelve people, I'm not impervious to the distraction this day brings.

I am, after all, the Man of Distraction! (You need to turn the echo and reverb on on your computer or phone when you...
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Today I Love Black Friday

Coffee at the cottage on Black Friday

Today I love black Friday and how crazy it is here in Canada now that we have adopted that practice. I love that there were apparently nearly fifteen people lined up at the Walmart door when they opened this morning, and that's what we call madness here in Canada. I love that they were so surly and grumpy and angry that, rumor has it,...
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Child Anxiety

Taking a Child from Cranky To Calm – 6 Strategies

From road rage to Black Friday brawls, even adults occasionally struggle with regulating their emotions. After all, the world can be a stressful, confusing and overwhelming place. Now imagine being a toddler faced with the same challenges, except your brain lacks the ability to help you calm these unpleasant feelings.

As humans transition from infancy to adulthood, we go through many milestones, including the development of self-awareness and the ability to self-regulate emotions. Caregivers...
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