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Self Worth

How Do I Know I’m Worthy?

We seem to have an epidemic of feeling inadequate and unworthy. And as a result, we're constantly trying to prove our worth. I invited my colleague John Harrison, LPCC to write this post to help us understand why we question our worth and how to reclaim it.

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Mental Health

Inspirational Quotes to Help You Know Yourself and Live Authentically

Many of our greatest thinkers wrote about the importance of understanding ourselves and living authentically.

But living authentically isn’t as easy as it seems. Starting in childhood, we’re told to cover up our feelings – little boys are told to stop crying and little girls are told to be quiet. Well-intentioned parents sometimes try to mold us into who they want us to be, rather than who we really...
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Overcoming Perfectionism

3 Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism and Accepting Yourself

We live in a culture of perfectionism. Open any women’s magazine or watch any TV program and you can’t escape the emphasis we put on looking, behaving, and achieving perfectly.

We’re an intolerant bunch that is quick to judge – ourselves and others – and notice when we don’t measure up to the unspoken measuring sticks of beauty, success, talent, and intellect.

We put the emphasis on doing rather than...
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I’m Just Not That Happy


I'm a student of positive psychology and big happiness promoter. I think we all deserve to feel good and find joy in our lives. But is there too much emphasis put on happiness these days? Do you ever feel pressure to be happy?

The idea that we’re all responsible for our own happiness and that happiness is a choice can be empowering.

It’s helpful to know that you can...
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Self Worth

How To Make Friends With Your Inner Critic

Today it's my pleasure to introduce you to licensed counselor and intuition coach John Harrison. John has written a fantastic guest post about the benefits of negative self talk. Yes, that's right! John shows us how to make friends with our inner critic and let it guide us back to authenticity.

How To Make Friends With Your Inner Critic by John Harrison,...
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Overcoming Perfectionism

Why I Stopped Trying to be Perfect

I had to give up trying to be perfect.
For many years, perfectionism was my idol. I worshiped it with zeal, hoping it would deliver me from self-doubt. I imagined perfection in all its glory - a successful business, an immaculate home, skinny jeans sans muffin top, and kids who actually listen. My perfect self is funny and cute. No more saggy skin or...
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