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18 Reasons Why I Function Well With Severe Mental Illness

I know that my list of mental illness diagnoses and my everyday symptoms are severe. I have bipolar disorder, dissociative identity disorder (or something similar), panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder. In the past I have experienced a lot of psychosis, intense mania, and bizarre dissociative problems.

I've often experienced people looking at my medical history and thinking I am too mentally ill to function in society, let alone become a counselor.

But these are...
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Why I Won’t “Break Up” with My “Ineffective” Therapist

I've been seeing my psychologist for two and a half years. It seems like every six months we have the same conversation. He says that he feels like things aren't working between us and he isn't being helpful.

He explains, "I've been a therapist 30 years and I feel like I have some decent skills, but I feel like my counseling skills aren't effective with you." He explains that it seems like I'm not happy with him...
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The Perils of Perfectionism

It was their first prenatal class. Jennifer was 20 weeks pregnant, and she and her husband were happy for the chance to hang out with other couples who were newly pregnant. After all, none of their friends had children yet, and they were ready to share their experience with others.

But, as they waited for the class to start, Jennifer looked around at the other couples in the small classroom. She saw beautiful, pregnant women in...
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10 Things People With Anxiety Need to Do Every Day

You have anxiety and have probably been living with it your entire life. I completely understand. That’s because I’ve struggled with this condition ever since I can remember.

Here are 10 small things you can do each day to help stay calm. You may think a few of these are silly. That’s OK. Try them anyway. What do you have to lose?

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What is Co-Dependency, Really

I visited a neighbor recently who I rarely see in the halls, without her boyfriend, and we sat down to chat. After three years of being with her partner (who initially split the rent with her, then slowly somehow she ended up paying for everything), she finally cut the chord....
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The Most Deep-seated Fear

Calming the Most Deep-seated Fear

When I talk to new moms about their emotional health while they were pregnant, I listen while they share what it was like, the sadness or worry that they felt and how it affected their experience of pregnancy - and...
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Chronic Anxiety

Judge a Little, Then Let It Go

There is a five-year-old named Kara in my life who makes incredibly astute observations about how the world judges people. She recently watched a G-rated reality family program on YouTube and decided to make her own version about building a Minecraft world. An entrepreneur...
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Being Kind to Perfection

Usually I am a superb driver, but with my sister and my nieces in the car, my level of distraction and excitement is through the roof.  We headed to dinner Sunday night at our favorite burger place and were discussing a store that just...
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What Is Anxiety?


Last week we talked about fear. This week, we turn to anxiety. But what is anxiety?

Anxiety has often been conceptualized as a “diffuse” and “objectless apprehension,”1 the kind of apprehension that people experience when they feel something bad is about to happen but are uncertain...
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38 Ways To Relax And Change Your Imbalanced Thinking

Do you know someone who is a Type A personality?
Do you know anyone who is a little of both?

Most people would say that I am rather laid back and calm, although my family would say "you are a ball of anxiety!" For most of us, we are a little of both at certain periods in our lives and even ages. A dear friend of mine use to be so calm, even in a fire...
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Spiritual Attitudes

Sexuality as a Spiritual Act

Those moments of intimacy with your spouse, those special moments when no matter how much noise might be outside of the window, you are only aware of each other. That deep connection which is connected to your trust, vulnerability, emotions and your...
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