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Creative Thinking

Using Creativity to Connect with Your Family

The holidays are a super busy time. You've likely read that sentence in about a million articles. But it's true. There are extra errands and extra tasks. And often there's a lot of money being spent (and a lot of debt being incurred). Which can make the holidays needlessly stressful---and hamper our connection with our loved ones. Because everyone ends up being tired and cranky and resentful. Everyone ends up...
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A Creative, Meaningful Life Starts Here

A creative, meaningful life starts with self-reflection. It starts with sitting down and identifying our philosophies, principles and approach. Because if we aren't clear on these things, we let others dictate our schedules and maybe even our hearts. We say yes and no randomly, or without much thought, again letting others' agendas set the tone and rule our lives. We let people, items, activities, ideas inside our lives that aren't actually essential to...
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