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Our Biggest Hidden DisAbility Challenge: Working

This is the spinoff post from my review last week of Michele Lent Hirsch’s Invisible: How Young Women With Serious Health Issues Navigate Work, Relationships, and the Pressure to Seem Just Fine. In her chapter on work, she acknowledged that the biggest work challenge for anyone with a disability is the workplace itself. We must adhere to a schedule and go to a physical workplace that may or may not be comfortable for us, and work...
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Our Animal Companions: The Best Part of Our Care Teams

Photo by Jill Bates

I’m still running with the animal theme, thanks to Timbits, who you’ll hear about in a bit. Whether our animals are registered service animals or pets, they can be important caregivers. Animals are great for this because we care for them in turn, making it perhaps the most equal give-and-take relationship in our lives. With them, there is no need to pretend you’re fine when you’re not.

The cat you see pictured above, in...
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