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Career Strategy

Writers’ Mindset: Write For The Gatekeepers

I worked as a story analyst, aka “reader”, or “gatekeeper” for a studio after attending film school.  Fortunately, they offered a course there in how to write coverage at USC.  So while trying to break into the business, I was able to earn rent money in my chosen field.

Story analysis is not an easy job.  It teaches you to read and evaluate a screenplay quickly.  You don’t have time to pore over the material and really...
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Coping Strategies

Nell’s Journey Into Darkness and Return

  I first started seeing Nell because her Father, with whom she lived, said she was involved in self-harming and he knew nothing about it. Like most parents, Nell's father thought she was trying to kill herself, a terrifying thought since his own uncle had done that at the age of 40. Fortunately Nell's cutting was more of the emotional pain release variety, also quite serious nonetheless. Many therapists put self harm in the category...
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