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Coping Strategies

A Teenager Thanksgiving – 5 Signs of Extreme Boredom

girl with phone

Does your teen get bored? I think boredom is the scourge of our time,  (along with traffic and fake news!). But on Thanksgiving, surrounded by family and friends, why would your teen be in the basement alone? What the heck is he doing?

A. He might be texting or sexting or snapping or IGing his friends, taking and posting random pictures if himself sticking his tongue out.

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Coping Strategies

When Trauma was King: 3 Ways to Miss It

When I'm treating patients for depression and anxiety I of course take a thorough history. What is often missed is long-ago trauma that has been repressed and buried. Traumatic memories can re-surfaces in the middle phases of therapy when trust is well-established. No news here. But the news is that trauma lives in the body (The Body Keeps the Score) so when we go back to revisit it, the therapist must go slow to...
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Coping Strategies

Spooked Out Parents – 3 Tips to Lighten Up

With today's festive all-hallows-eve celebrations, parents of teens need to lighten up.


Of course teens will get themselves into trouble tonight. They have to. They are actually given permission to dress up and test the boundaries on this night.  In order to learn how to control themselves, they test the waters.  The teen brain doesn't know the difference until it knows.

You just have to be clear that,

Goofing around is innocent, while bullying is...
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