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Coping Strategies

6 Ways to Stay Ahead of Procrastination

Are you a teen or young adult lost in your work?

I feel you.

I think I may have ADD, however I have always compensated by completing my work AHEAD OF TIME so as to minimize anxiety.  This works for me.  It could work for you too!  I am so ahead of schedule that I often buy birthday presents months in advance and then lose them!

Still.  I talk with teens and young adults...
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No Time For ADHD

My time ...

I've known I have ADHD for over nine years now.

And that puts me in an interesting category. When people my age-ish were young, there was a very good chance that you could make your way through school and all its scrutiny without being diagnosed with ADHD.

There was a good long stretch of time, you see, between ADHD being defined and current standards of diagnosis being put in place.

In fact, there...
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