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Is Codependency Blaming the Victim?


When someone first suggested I was codependent, I was offended and angry. I thought codependency implied that I was to blame for what happened to me.

I was incredibly hurt by the notion that I was part of the problem. I was the victim! I wanted everyone to know that I was the injured party and not responsible in any way for the despicable and harmful behaviors of my loved...
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When Love Hurts

This is a story of two little birds, both cockatiels.

It's about a kind of love that is destructive. It's about when love hurts.

It's also about healing, growing, and changing.

Once there were  two cockatiels who came to a rescue from a hoarding situation. One was named Mama Bird, and one was named Pretty Boy. They were mother and son.

Pretty Boy was quite pretty. He was gorgeous gray, full feathered, and looked like a healthy cockatiel should.

Mama Bird was not...
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