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Career Strategy

Writers’ Mindset: Write For The Gatekeepers

I worked as a story analyst, aka “reader”, or “gatekeeper” for a studio after attending film school.  Fortunately, they offered a course there in how to write coverage at USC.  So while trying to break into the business, I was able to earn rent money in my chosen field.

Story analysis is not an easy job.  It teaches you to read and evaluate a screenplay quickly.  You don’t have time to pore over the material and really...
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5 Tips to Inspire Your Story Ideas

Ideas are everywhere. But sometimes, it can feel like our brains are blank, and we've got absolutely nothing. Sometimes, we're too burnt out to come up with any idea, let alone a good one. We're simply too tired. Or we have a tendency to set sky-high expectations and criticize ourselves the entire time.

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