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“Going on Disability:” What That Does and Doesn’t Mean

Me, with friends, at least once a week, after an awkward moment in which I’m revealed to have far less money than they do:

“But you’re on disability, right?”

(Cringe, involuntary clenching of butt cheeks) “No.”

“Why not?”

Every time, I want to scream “Read a book!” But how can I blame my friends when it took me 7 years to understand the answer to that question myself?

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Childhood Behavioral Concerns: How to Stop Whining in Its Tracks

I love so many things about my children, but there are definitely some things I could live without. Whining is one of those things.

Every time I hear one of my kids say, "I want some candyyyyyyyyyy," with a nasally voice, I feel my skin crawl. It's just such an ungrateful, entitled way to talk. Or it's a dramatization of undesirable circumstances.

Either way, it raises my blood pressure.

So about six months ago, I decided we were done with...
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Alienated Fathers: Don’t you DARE Give Up!

'I had the plan, the place, the rope,' my husband, Rhys, told me. 'I was going to end it all. I'd been a loving father and a good provider. What I didn't realize is that my ex never intended to stay with me nor let me be a father to my children. I was merely a sperm donor to her. When she had the full quota of children, she took them away and sued me for every pound I made. I...
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Kids Used As Weapons by Vindictive Exes

'Your ex wife wants your son dead,' I told my husband, Rhys. 'Terrwyn's* death at his own hand would be you ex's ultimate victory. She's bullying him to death, but will blame it all on you if he succeeds in committing suicide'.

Parental Alienation is wrong. It's evil. But battling exes wielding their children as weapons to wound each other? That's even worse. You know all about it because, if you're reading this article, you've experienced it either as a parent or...
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Throwing The Dice

"Which of you to gain me, tell, will risk uncertain pains of hell?, I will not forgive you if you will not take the chance" Grateful Dead

Ironically this is my quote from senior high school except that the word 'not' was omitted. Thinking back...
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Nagging Isn’t Necessary: How to Improve a Child’s Behavior Without It

Sometimes we convince ourselves that the only way we can get our kids to do anything is to ask them over and over and over again.

In other nagging.

Here's the thing about nagging, though. Every time you do it, you teach your kid(s) that you'll do it the next time, too.

Why would I obey the first time if mom/dad is going to remind me again in two minutes?
I don't need to follow instructions right now because...
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#Me Too: 15 Reasons Why Survivors Do Not Report Sexual Assault


Many of us have seen or heard about the hashtag #Me Too, however, many of us failed to realize this was a movement created more than 10 years ago in Harlem, NY. This movement was created to bring awareness of sexual assaults against people of color living in underprivileged communities. In October of 2017, “Me Too” started being used as a two-word hashtag on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and...
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Packaging: Getting Steadily Stupider Since 1982

I spit upon the grave of the Tylenol Murderer. Remember in 1982, the chilling string of random murders by tampering with Tylenol capsules? It seems so tame now in light of the mass shootings we now see. "Only" seven people died, and we as a society agreed immediately on quick and decisive action to prevent more deaths (probably because no one was buying over-the-counter medicine.)

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